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Journey Into America: A People's Cultural Literacy Reader of the United States

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Table of Contents

Ch. 1 Strangers In A Strange Land
Ch. 2 USA: Red, White & Blue
      • American Cultural Literacy Dictionary, lst edition
Ch. 3 USA's Three Major Vices
      • The Race Card,
      • Shameful Treatment of American Indians
      • Unending Environmental Habitat Loss
Ch. 4 The Charters of Freedom (values, beliefs)
Ch. 5 Interviews From Hawaii to Maine
Ch. 6 Iconic Heroes (all genders inclusive)
Ch. 7 USA's Religions
Ch. 8 Technology, Business versus Labor History
Ch. 9 Health and American Medical Care History
Ch. 10 Environment/ Habitat Loss
Ch. 11 Road For A Better America
Ch. 12 Bibliography and Resources
      • Bibliography

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